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Syria Stated That The Plans Of The United States And Israel Threaten Stability In The Middle East

Syria Stated That The Plans Of The United States And Israel Threaten Stability In The Middle East

Syria has called on the UN Security Council to put an end to us and Israeli encroachments on international legitimacy, according to a statement of the Syrian Foreign Ministry transmitted by the Sana News Agency on Sunday.

"The behavior of the United States and Israel threatens stability in the Middle East," the document emphasizes. It discusses plans by the Israeli authorities, with the support of Washington, to Annex part of the Palestinian areas in the West Bank.

"The aggressive and expansionist course of the Israeli government is a challenge to all Arab countries, which requires them to take a responsible historical position in defense of national interests, against any normalization of relations with Israel," the Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

On April 30, the Arab League (LAS) called on international mediators for the Middle East (EU, UN, Russia, and the US) to hold an urgent meeting to preserve the chances of peace between the Palestinians and the Israelis. The Arab LEAGUE's appeal came in response to Israel's plans to annex the Jordan valley and the North of the Dead sea, as well as several areas where Jewish settlements are located.

Last September, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced plans to Annex part of the West Bank, and in December announced his intention to seek Washington's recognition of the extension of Israeli sovereignty to the Jordan valley. US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo announced on November 18, 2019, that Washington no longer believes that Jewish settlements in the West Bank violate international law. On January 28, US President Donald Trump announced in Washington the key provisions of the Middle East settlement plan, informing, in particular, of the US intention to recognize Jewish settlements as Israeli territory.

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