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A Large Drone Flew To An Unknown Destination In Latvia

A Large Drone Flew To An Unknown Destination In Latvia

In Latvia, it has not yet been possible to regain control of the missing unmanned aerial vehicle the day before, measuring 5.5 m by 3.5 m, the BNS News Agency reports.

Now the exact location of the drone is unknown, said the representative of the Civil Aviation Agency Anis Vintsev. He said that the air traffic control authorities of neighboring countries are informed in case the device crosses the border.

The drone's control system shut down on Saturday during the flight for technical reasons. At that time, it could be at an altitude of more than 200 meters. The AGA issued a warning about an uncontrolled drone. The last point of its route, which can be assumed, is located in the vicinity of Bauska and Adazi.

According to Vintsev, this is the first such incident in Latvia.

Mostly, smaller drones are used, which, having lost control, can not fly far. With small drones, there were cases when they lost control, for example, they crashed into a tree.

The weight of the missing drone is 26 kg, and its flight speed is about 70 kilometers per hour. It will have enough fuel for about 90 hours.

It is not reported who owns the drone and under what circumstances it was lost control of it.

Observers who spot a drone in the sky were asked to immediately contact the air search and rescue coordination center by phone.

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