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The US Military Again Threatened The Taliban With Retaliatory Measures If They Do Not Reduce The Level Of Violence

The US Military Again Threatened The Taliban With Retaliatory Measures If They Do Not Reduce The Level Of Violence

The US military again threatened radical Taliban militants with retaliatory actions if they do not reduce the level of violence in Afghanistan on Saturday.

"Reducing violence is an absolute necessity, and it depends on the leaders of all the armed forces - the Afghan security forces, the Taliban fighters and, Yes, the coalition," Colonel Sonny Leggett, the official representative of the US Forces in Afghanistan (USFOR-A), said in a letter addressed to the Taliban representative Zabihullah Mujahid. Liggett published this document on his Twitter page.

"Attacks breed attacks, while restraint breeds restraint. All parties must exercise restraint to prevent more killings and violence. If violence cannot be reduced, then, Yes, there will be retaliation, " Leggett writes. "The optimism that the Afghans and friends of Afghanistan felt during the period of "reduced violence" from February 22 to 28 is lost in the increased level of violence. Since then, the world has seen a significant increase in [the level of] violence, not a decrease," the USFOR-A representative said.

Leggett also stressed that all parties "must return to the path" of a political solution to the conflict. "The release of prisoners by the Taliban and the government of Afghanistan must be accelerated to stop the spread of COVID-19 and contribute to [creating] conditions for inter - Afghan negotiations," the American Colonel said.

In turn, Mujahid summoned on the American side to avoid "useless and provocative statements" and to comply with their obligations. "The way to resolve [the conflict] is to implement the agreement signed in Doha. Do not harm the current situation with senseless and provocative statements," the Taliban representative wrote on his Twitter page.

On February 29, a peace agreement was signed in Doha between the US and the Taliban. According to the agreements, inter-Afghan consultations were supposed to start on March 10. It was stipulated that as part of confidence-building measures, up to 5,000 supporters of the movement and up to 1,000 people held by radicals should be released by the time the inter-Afghan talks were launched. According to the national security Council of Afghanistan, supporters of the "Taliban" committed more than 2.8 thousand attacks after the signing of the agreement with the United States. On April 22, Afghan President Ashraf Ghani called on the Taliban to cease fire, to which the Taliban refused.

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