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The Court Gave Jair Bolsonaro Five More Days To Provide The Result Of A Coronavirus Test

The Court Gave Jair Bolsonaro Five More Days To Provide The Result Of A Coronavirus Test

The Federal court of the third district of Brazil extended on Saturday for five days the deadline for President Jair Bolsonaro to provide the results of his tests for the coronavirus. This is reported on the court's website.

However, the President of this court rejected the appeal of the defense of the head of state, who declared the illegality of such claims. Thus, Bolsonaro has until Thursday to disclose the requested information.

The Brazilian leader has twice been tested for coronavirus after several high-ranking members of his administration and Ministers from his inner circle were found to have the infection. As Bolsonaro has repeatedly stated, in both cases the test result was negative, but he refused requests to demonstrate the relevant conclusions of laboratory research, citing the fact that this information is of a personal nature.

As a result, one of the country's main Newspapers, Estado de Sao Paulo, filed a lawsuit to disclose this data as having special public significance and received a positive decision of the first instance. After that, the court was given a report on the state of health of the President, prepared by doctors of the administration of the head of state, but the judge on Thursday considered such a document insufficient and ordered Bolsonaro to submit directly to the public the results of tests within 48 hours.

Bolsonaro has repeatedly criticized the quarantine measures taken by regional authorities in connection with the coronavirus pandemic. The head of state claimed that the restrictions imposed would have disastrous consequences for the country's economy, leading to mass ruin and increasing unemployment. In his opinion, for most people, the coronavirus is not dangerous and it will still infect 70% of the population. To date, more than 96.5 thousand infected people and 6,750 deaths have been registered in the country.

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