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Germany Finally Announced The Deadline For The Decision On The Nord Stream 2

Germany Finally Announced The Deadline For The Decision On The Nord Stream 2

The Federal Network Agency (German: Bundesnetzagentur or BNetzA) intends "as soon as possible" to make a final decision on the application of the operator of Nord Stream 2 AG, to exempt this pipeline from the requirements of the updated Gas Directive of the European Union, said RIA News representative of the Department Fite Wulf.

According to a legislative amendment adopted in the EU, decisions on the withdrawal of gas pipelines from the scope of the Directive must be made by May 24. Nord Stream 2 AG submitted the relevant application. In January, the representative didn't tell the Agency that a decision would be made by that date.

Wolfe confirmed information previously released to the media that the Agency had sent a draft of its decision to interested parties. "The deadline for receiving comments ends on May 8, 2020. Following this, it is planned to make a decision as soon as possible (regarding the application of Nord Stream 2 AG)," Wulf said.

He did not comment on the content of the document sent out, however, according to Handelsblatt, the Agency intends to reject the application of Nord Stream 2 AG on the grounds that the Nord Stream 2 project was not completed by May 2019. The press service of the operator yesterday told RIA Novosti that they do not agree with the opinion of BNA, they are waiting for a final decision, after which the company intends to take "further actions" to protect its rights.

"The decisions of the Federal Network Agency can be reviewed in court, in this case by the higher land court of Dusseldorf," Wulf also clarified.

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