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A Telephone Tower Burned In North Ossetia Due To Fears Of A Possible Introduction Of 5G

A Telephone Tower Burned In North Ossetia Due To Fears Of A Possible Introduction Of 5G

The MTS telephone tower was burned near the village of Nogir in North Ossetia due to the fear of residents of the possible introduction of a fifth-generation network (5G). This was announced by the head of the Republic Vyacheslav Bitarov on Saturday at an online meeting with journalists.

"They are already committing crimes, in particular, they recently burned the MTS antenna near the village of Nogir, and the village was left without communication. Every day, I receive calls to my reception to establish communication," Bitarov said.

According to him, many residents of the Republic, including participants of an illegal protest with whom he met, claim that the coronavirus infection does not exist, and it is invented for further distribution of the 5G network for the purpose of irradiation and chipping.

"Many people claim that there is no coronavirus, there is no danger, that this is organized by some world forces that are interested in driving people, as some participants of the rally told me, to the reservation, then put 5g antennas, irradiate them so that they lose consciousness, and then they will chip them. And there are many such people," the head of the region noted.

On April 20, protesters gathered outside the government House in the center of Vladikavkaz, demanding the abolition of the self-isolation regime. 13 law enforcement officers were injured at the rally, and a criminal case was opened.

As of May 2, 990 cases of the disease were registered in the Republic; 851 people are on outpatient treatment, 47 are in hospitals, 86 have recovered, and six have died. 1,458 people remain in self-isolation under medical supervision in the Republic.

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