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The Syrian Authorities Allowed Trade In Markets And Resumed Transport Links

The Syrian Authorities Allowed Trade In Markets And Resumed Transport Links

The Syrian authorities have begun gradually easing the quarantine regime in the sphere of trade and services. As reported on Saturday, the portal Syria Al N, in Damascus and other cities, people's markets and retail businesses have started working. In accordance with the decision of the Governor of the capital, five-city squares have been allocated for producers of agricultural products and essential goods, where they can sell their products directly to citizens duty-free.

Earlier, transport links between Damascus and the administrative centers of the provinces were resumed for three days a week (Thursday, Friday, and Saturday). Regular buses are sent to the regions from all four Metropolitan bus stations. According to the Agency, the vehicles have been sanitized, and passengers are required to wear protective masks and gloves in the cabin.

For the period of Muslim fasting in the month of Ramadan, which began on April 24, the operational headquarters for the fight against coronavirus under the government of the Republic has reduced the duration of the curfew in cities by one and a half hours, it now operates from 19: 30 to 06: 00. The previous decision to cancel collective prayers in mosques remains in force.

According to the Syrian health Ministry, by the end of the week, the total number of infected people in the country has increased to 44 people. The press release of the Department indicates that since March 22, 27 patients who were diagnosed with a coronavirus infection have recovered. Three fatalities were recorded.

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