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Boris Johnson Named His Son After The Doctors Who Cured Him Of COVID-19

Boris Johnson Named His Son After The Doctors Who Cured Him Of COVID-19

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson's newborn son has been named Wilfred Laurie Nicholas, the Prime Minister's fiancee Carrie Simonds announced on Instagram on Saturday.

In a photo published by Simonds, she is holding a baby, whose head is covered with thick hair.

"Thank you to the amazing NHS team at University College London hospital for taking such care of us. I couldn't be happier. My heart is full, " Simonds wrote.

She explained that the name Wilfred was given to the child in honor of the Prime Minister's grandfather, the name Lori – in honor of her grandfather, and the name Nicholas – in honor of the two doctors who saved the life of the Prime Minister in the hospital where he ended up after Contracting coronavirus.

Wilfred Johnson was born on the morning of April 29, shortly after the Prime Minister went to work after COVID-19. Simonds also recently spent a week in bed with symptoms.

Johnson was present at the birth of his son but decided to postpone maternity leave for a later date.

Thirty-two-year-old Simonds became a mother for the first time, but 55-year-old Johnson is a father with experience. He has four adult children from his marriage to lawyer Marina Wheeler, an illegitimate daughter with art critic Helen McIntyre and, according to some reports, has another illegitimate child.

Johnson became the third British Prime Minister to become a father while in Downing street: his predecessors were David Cameron and Tony Blair.

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