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Bolivia Has Adopted A Law On Holding Elections No Later Than August 2

Bolivia Has Adopted A Law On Holding Elections No Later Than August 2

The Bolivian parliament has finally approved a law requiring General elections to be held no later than August 2, despite comments from acting Bolivian President Janine Agnes.

"The President of the Plurinational Legislative Assembly of Bolivia, Eva Copa, signed the law "on postponing the General elections of 2020," which sets a period of 90 days for holding General elections," the Senate said in a message on Twitter.

Initially, the Bolivian Senate on Friday night passed a law that sets a 90-day deadline for elections, after which it was sent to acting President Agnes for adoption. However, the acting head of Bolivia, who is also a candidate in the elections, did not sign the law, saying that holding elections in August could pose a threat to public health due to the COVID-19 epidemic. However, after sitting in an extraordinary session, the Parliament rejected Agnes' comments, and the law came into force after being signed by the President of the Parliament.

After the opposition in Bolivia, led by Carlos Mesa, declared mass violations in the elections on October 20, 2019, former President Evo Morales resigned from the post of President under pressure from the military and left the country. After him, the entire top leadership of Bolivia resigned, and power passed to the opposition Deputy speaker of the Senate, Janine Agnes. The authorities have announced new presidential elections. Morales is not allowed to participate in them as a candidate, he is in Argentina, where he directs the presidential campaign of his "Movement to socialism."

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