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A Woman Decided To Celebrate The End Of The Quarantine And Died

A Woman Decided To Celebrate The End Of The Quarantine And Died

In Turkey, a 31-year-old woman fell off a cliff, marking the end of the quarantine, the Mirror reports.

A guide from Antalya, a 31-year-old native of Kazakhstan Olesya Suspitsina went to the waterfall after the local authorities lifted some restrictions imposed due to the coronavirus pandemic. The girl decided to hold a photo session in a picturesque place. However, after another picture, it fell from a height of about 35 meters. The tragedy happened in front of her friend.

It is known that Olesya climbed over the protective fence, and the fall occurred after she slipped on the grass. The girl's body was found in the water by rescuers. The police ruled the accident an accident. She to be buried at home, in Kostanaj.

The coronavirus pandemic has spread to almost all countries of the world. Who reported more than 3.1 million infected people, of which about 218,000 died and about a million were cured.

Most cases were recorded in the United States, Spain, and Italy. These same countries are leading in the number of victims of the virus.

Russia ranks eighth in the number of infected people. COVID-19 was diagnosed in 114,431 people (an increase of 7.4% per day), more than 13,000 of them recovered and 1,169 died.

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