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Nasa Is In Talks With Roscosmos To Buy Space On Soyuz

Nasa Is In Talks With Roscosmos To Buy Space On Soyuz

NASA is continuing negotiations with Roscosmos to buy additional space on the Soyuz spacecraft to send one astronaut to the ISS in the fall of 2020, Department chief Jim Bridenstine said on Friday.

"In order to ensure the safe operation of the ISS due to the continuous presence of Americans on it before regular flights are provided, NASA is in talks with the state Corporation Roscosmos to purchase one additional seat on the Soyuz for launch in the coming fall," Bridenstine said in a statement released by NASA.

Earlier it was reported about the possibility of providing the United States with two additional seats on the Russian "Unions." So, in December 2019, the Director-General of Roscosmos Dmitry Rogozin announced the decision to provide NASA with one seat on the Soyuz MS-17 spacecraft with a launch in October 2020 and Soyuz MS-18 with a launch in April 2021. This will allow the Agency to ensure that at least one American astronaut stays on the ISS until October 2021 in case of delays in the launch of new American manned ships. In February 2020, Rogozin said that a contract with NASA for the purchase of seats in Soyuz vehicles could be signed in April.

In 2011, the American reusable manned transport system Space Shuttle was decommissioned. After that, only Russian Soyuz spacecraft deliver crews to the ISS. In the United States, new manned ships have been developed to send astronauts to the station: Crew Dragon - by SpaceX, and Starliner - by Boeing. The first test manned flight of Crew Dragon to the ISS is scheduled for May 27.

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