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The US Has Hidden Data On Taliban Attacks In Afghanistan

The US Has Hidden Data On Taliban Attacks In Afghanistan

The US military mission in Afghanistan for the first time refused to officially release data on the attack of representatives of the radical Taliban movement against the background of a peace treaty with the rebels, according to the Daily Sabah.

Thus, the newspaper writes, the administration of US President Donald Trump is trying to create the appearance of compliance with the terms of the agreement in order to withdraw troops from Afghanistan.

The head of international observers, John F. Sopko, said that information about the Taliban attack served as one of the few factual data that can be used in reports on security in Afghanistan. According to the office of the national security adviser of the country, since the conclusion of the peace agreement on February 29, militants have carried out 2804 attacks on government forces. The Ministry of defense of Afghanistan reported 10-15 cases of violence by terrorists daily.

Pentagon spokesman Thomas Campbell also insists on the importance of releasing information about the Taliban attacks. According to him, in March, these incidents "exceeded all seasonal norms." The recorded data could be used in international discussions about the rebels ' compliance with the terms of the agreement, Campbell believes.

The peace Treaty between the United States and the Taliban was concluded on February 29 during a ceremony in Doha, Qatar. On March 2, the militants announced the resumption of military operations against the government forces of Afghanistan.

One of the points of the agreement was the exchange of prisoners. However, representatives of the Taliban repeatedly disrupted the negotiations. The exchange should be the first step towards establishing peace between the parties.

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