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GM Al Avila, the GP of Tigers, said the club intends to make a big effort in 2022

GM Al Avila, the GP of Tigers, said the club intends to make a big effort in 2022

DETROIT -- The Detroit Tigers general manager isn't revealing his offseason plans, but he'll not be a part of them.

playoff contention is now on the agenda for 2022 as the Tigers make a push for.500 finish in 2021. That implys that the Tigers must be more prosperous.

We can't reveal everything we're looking for, we cant really disclose anything. We'll just be sure that we're going to try to improve this team for next year and make a huge effort, Avila stated. We believe we are very close to being a playoff-contending team. We're not too far away.

After the Tigers took their team photo, an annual tradition, Avila and team owner Christopher Ilitch spoke to reporters from the dugout after the game took place.

Ilitch, on the other hand, wasn't talking anything specific, but he has repeatedly said that Avila will have the resources at his disposal when the time is right.

It appears that the time has come to get to the point of being right.

He stated, We want to be a contender, as well. We ultimately want to win a championship. My goal is to ensure that our club has the resources to do so. And I've said repeatedly throughout the years that our club will have the resources necessary to execute our plan.

The total payroll of the Tigers is ranked 23rd in baseball and more than one-third of it is dedicated to veteran Miguel Cabrera.

But spending isn't a guarantee of success. The Tampa Bay Rays, one of the six teams that spend less than the Tigers in the American League, will most likely have the No. 1 seed.

As many as three of the five teams with the highest payroll could miss the playoffs.

I believe the big thing for us is that we want to see progress each and every year toward our goals, Ilitch stated. If we can continue to demonstrate progress, we'll ultimately reach our goals. So where will it go next year? We have to play the game and see where it takes us.

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