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Moritz Seider of the Red Wings espirted to learn more about NHL challenges, as did Moritzer Seilder, a young Red wings veteran eager to be able to navigate new challenges

Moritz Seider of the Red Wings espirted to learn more about NHL challenges, as did Moritzer Seilder, a young Red wings veteran eager to be able to navigate new challenges

Moritz Seider has been playing against men during the past three seasons -- in Germany, the AHL, and Sweden displaying every bit of the high-end defense prospect the Detroit Red Wings drafted sixth overall in 2019, generating a lot of excitement throughout the organization and fan base.

He is now poised to start his NHL career, with a slew of challenges to come.

There is no league like the NHL in terms of forwards you face, Red Wings coach Jeff Blashill said. There isn't an Auston Matthews, a Patrick Kane in the Swedish Hockey League. He'll have to learn a little bit and adjust as necessary to that high level of player. Is he able to do so? He has at every level so far, so I believe he can, but I'll let him do so.

The 6-4, 207-pound right-shooting Seider, who has been paired with left-sooted veteran Nick Leddy at training camp in Traverse City, will play a lot in the preseason. The Red Wings aren't going to hand him a roster spot, but he would have to be hesitant in exhibitions to make the cut for the season opener on Oct. 14th.

We're optimistic he'll be ready to face the challenge, general manager Steve Yzerman stated. I would reduce the excitement and expectations, I added. I believe it is a significant step from the American League or the Swedish League to the NHL. The NHL has the greatest players in the world. It's difficult to play. For goalies and defensemen, it's more difficult than it is for forwards to be able to do so.

Personally, I believe he is strong enough, mature enough. I believe he has enough hockey sense to play. Is it possible that he can adapt to the speed and excel in the league? The time will tell. He's 20, and it'll be his first year of genuine professional hockey, age-wise. I anticipate there will be some learning to be done.

Seider stated that being on the Red Wings' season-opening roster would be a dream come true if he was named defenseman of the year in the Swedish Hockey League while loaning Rogle BK to him.

I want to compete against the finest in the world, and in a final, you want hockey games, Seider added. I don't want to put myself ahead of the team. We simply want to be better as a team and to get gotten progressively better record.

While training in Detroit, Seider stayed at Dylan Larkin's house the previous few weeks. The team captain went to Michigan and Lions football games as they did a lot of bending away from the rink.

He's an amazing kid, Larkin stated. He's kind and polite. He has a huge personality, savor, and he'll fit in right away. Hes excited to be a Red Wing member, excited for being in Detroit, and he's been resurrected for the support hacked by our fans. He's so impressed with his dedication, manners, how he transports himself, and how it interacts with people.

Seider is referred to as a special player by Larkin as Seder.

You see with him and Lucas Raymond (the fourth overall pick in 2020), as well as they're smart players, smart guys, work extremely hard, Larkin stated. You see with those high-end skilled guys, they played pro, and they understand the game, they said. They appear to fit in right now that they skate with NHL players.

Seider's size, according to Blashill, will be an advantage, given Seide''.

Not just being pushed around, but also the length and reach it gives you, Blashill stated. You are difficult to play against because of how long you are, and if you're long and strong, that's even better; and when you can lay large hits and have a physical presence, it'll be even more enjoyable.

Seider seeks to be trusted in all situations.

It's a good way to defend the puck, he added. Being really solid defensively and offensive will come automatically in the first couple of games, he said. I hope I can bring it to the team.

Seider is aware of the buzz surrounding him and says he doesn't feel any additional pressure.

He said, "It's definitely not getting in my head," and "it'll be in the way of my mind." I simply want to be surrounded by the guys. I want to go to the rink and work hard, and I'm so pleased with it so far. It's certainly cool that the fans are ecstatic. Overall, I feel really excited.

It was a huge wait to get here. I'm really pleased of myself, making my way up here, and I look forward to it.

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