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Tigers Matthew Boyd will undergo surgery in 2022, with plans to return

Tigers Matthew Boyd will undergo surgery in 2022, with plans to return

DETROIT -- Monday, Detroit Tigers left-handed pitcher Matthew Boyd will undergo surgery to repair the flexor tendon in his left arm, the club stated on Friday night.

Boyd, 30, has spent the last two weeks visiting with several doctors throughout the country to find a solution to the sloppy arm injury that cut short his 2020 season.

Boyd said doctors were unanimous in their opinion that he didn't need the more severe Tommy John surgery -- which restores the elbow ligament -- but instead suggested cleaning up the tendon.

Dr. Keith Meister will perform the surgery at his facility in Dallas, where he will be based.

Boyd's recovery date is unclear, and Boy D and manager A.J. Hinch did not expect any predictions.

Boyd was determined that he would pitch in 2022.

Theyll get the finest version of Matt Boyd when I pick up a baseball next year, he added.

Will it be beneficial to the Tigers?

Boyd is under team control, but no contract is set for 2022. He'll be in his final year of arbitration and might be due for a raise that would bring his salary to $8 million or more.

Given Boyd's uncertain health, the Tigers may flop at paying the money, but general manager Al Avila seemed open to a compromise that could work for both sides.

Theres a potential agreement to be reached, Avila stated. But we're not prepared to talk about it now, and I'm not ready to make a 100% commitment at this point, he added. We'll discuss it in the offseason and after the surgery is over.

Hinch sounded like he'd be happy to get Boyd back.

I'm all on board with Matt Boyd, and I've got a lot of fun. I believe he's a part of the solution," Hinch said. It appears that there are factors depending on where he's at in his career, age, and contract, all of which will be handled in the end. Matt Boyd, on the other hand, is a winner as he and draught as an individual and as player.

Since being acquired from the Toronto Blue Jays in a trade in 2015, Boyd has spent ten seasons with the Tigers.

Boyd was the Tigers' Opening Day starter in April, and he started the season well before succumbing to injuries.

He returned on Aug. 28 and only two starts before returning to the IL earlier this season, spending more than two months on the injured list earlier in the season on his schedule on injured.

In 78 2/3 innings, he averaged a 3.89 ERA in total, with 67 strikeouts and 23 walks.

I'm going to use this to get stronger. Boyd said, "I'm going to use this to make my forearm stronger, my shoulder stronger and my lower-half stronger as I was before, and I'll return healthy and stronger than I were before," he added. This season, I began to realize the finest baseball Ive ever pitched. Then it was revealed. So it's exciting that I can put this (injury) behind me and remain uninhibited throughout the future.

Boyd said he hopes the game will be played with the Tigers. And, if it isn't, why not?

I'll be who I am for someone else and do everything I can to assist them win a championship, he added. But it's the Tigers right now.

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