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Woman found dead during an investigation into a violence near Mount Pleasant during homicide investigation

Woman found dead during an investigation into a violence near Mount Pleasant during homicide investigation

Investigators in the area discovered a dead womans body in solitary confinement and arrested two suspects after undergoing restraining order that didn't start as homicide.

According to Michigan state police officials, the case began as an investigation into a reported slain assault. On Wednesday, September 22nd, Mount Pleasant troops responded to a report of dread. They interviewed a uncooperative victim at o Mount Pleasant-based medical facility where he was receiving treatment for severe injuries, according to police.

State police then collected evidence and information while examining a Union Township neighborhood as part of the investigation, officials say, in partnership with investigators at the Saginaw Chippewa Tribal Police Department. Investigators were prompted to observe a suspect in the assault case, but he was not approached at that time by the time.

Investigators prepared to contact the suspect at his residence on the following day Thursday, September 23 as investigators arrived on his way home on Thursday. Before that, the suspect and two other men drove away in a vehicle together. The vehicle subsequently exploded. The crash, according to state police, was not the result of a chase, officials said.

On the scene, police officers and members of the Mid-Michigan Investigative Narcotics Team arrived. According to officials, all three men were asked about the brutal assault.

As a result of the interview, investigators obtained and acted on sa search warrant at the Union Township home, where the suspect in the crimes was found the day before. They discovered the body of the deceased woman.

They weren't expecting to find a body at the house, said Lt. Michelle Robinson, spokesman for state police.

Robinson stated that the deceased woman was identified, and investigators believe she was an associate with the suspect.

In the Isabella County Jail, the original suspect and one of the two other men involved in the car crash are now behind bars. The suspects, both from Mount Pleasant, are 19 and 20.

Robinson said that no known suspects have been in their tracks.

Police say neither suspect has been arraigned yet.

Robinson stated that she could not yet specify the name of the deceased woman.

Due to the ongoing nature of this incident, the need to ensure that family members are respectfully informed, and the pending status of arraignment, no further information is being released at this time, reads a statement from the state police.

Officials claim the case involved collaboration between several agencies, including state police investigators from numerous posts and crime labs, the Isabella County Sheriff's Office, Central Michigan University Police Department, The Isabell Emergency Services Team, and the Gabriella District Prosecutor'' s office.


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