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Sam becomes a hurricane far away from land, and now there's Subtropical Storm Teresa, too

Sam becomes a hurricane far away from land, and now there's Subtropical Storm Teresa, too

Sam is a hurricane, and it is operating in the busy tropical Atlantic.

The National Hurricane Center continued to track Sam, the seventh hurricane of 2021, and on Friday afternoon, Subtropical Storm Teresa was added to the mix.

Sam is in central Atlantic and is forecast to get even stronger and become a significant (Category 3) hurricane over the weekend. Teresa is located in the north of Bermuda and is expected to be a brief-lived storm that doesn't affect land.

Sam can't do it. Sam isn't close to land and won'' t be in for days, and its forecasting has sparked a lot of speculation for those in the United States.

Its still too early to say if Sam will be an issue in the United States, or even the Lesser Antilles, which Sam might pass by first.

As of 4 p.m. EST, we will be able to reach our goal by 4:45 a.M. Hurricane Sam was located about 1,290 miles east-southeast of the northern Leeward Islands on CDT Friday, and it was moving west at 12 mph.

Sam's winds rose to 85 mph, making it a Category 1 hurricane. The hurricane center said that rapid intensification is expected to continue, and Sam is predicted to become a major storm on Saturday.

Winds of Category 3 begin at 111 mph.

Sam will slow down over the weekend while still heading to the east of the Leeward Islands by next Wednesday, according to a five-day official forecast track.

Forecast models differ on Sams path beyond that, with some pointing the storm on a more southward track, which may affect the islands, and others embracing it more towards the northwest and over the open Atlantic.

Sam is the Atlantic's seventh hurricane of 2021. Elsa (Category 1), Grace (categorry 3, Henri ( Categorian 1)), Ida (4), Larry (Picture 3), and Nicholas were among the others (Cegories 1).


On Friday afternoon, the hurricane center added a new storm, Subtropical Storm Teresa, to the board.

Teresa isn't expected to hang around long, and she won''s landfall will be affected.

As of 4 p.m. a. Subtropical Storm Teresa was located about 155 miles north of Bermuda and was moving northwest at 14 mph on CDT Friday.

Teresa had sustained winds of 45 mph, according to the hurricane center.

Forecasters said that there is little strength change to anticipate, and Teresa should dissipate in about two days, according to forecasters.

A subtropical storm features a tropical storm, but not all -- essentially in terms of sustaining symbiotic systems. These aren't uncommon during the hurricane season.


The hurricane center also tracks two other Atlantic events.

Tropical Storm Odette is one of them. It was on Friday afternoon in the northern Atlantic, and it will most likely not have time to get organized before moving into a less favorable development zone.

Late in the weekend, the second disturbance is expected to take place off the west coast of Africa. Forecasters said that it will be in a good area for development and could become otropic depression by midweek as it heads westward.

Victor is a way to say, "The next name on the storm list is Victor."

The Atlantic hurricane season begins on Nov. 30.

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