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The US Forces Mexico Not To Close Factories Due To Coronavirus Pandemic

The US Forces Mexico Not To Close Factories Due To Coronavirus Pandemic

The United States is putting pressure on Mexico to allow factories owned by American corporations located in that country to continue operating in the face of the coronavirus epidemic.

According to the New York Times, Washington is literally forcing the Mexican authorities not to stop businesses and not to interrupt the delivery of goods to the North American market, despite the increasingly acute epidemiological situation in Mexico.

At the moment, almost 20 thousand cases of a new type of coronavirus have been recorded in the country. Moreover, it is plants and factories located on the border with the United States that are becoming the main source of infection, the Ministry of Health of Mexico reported.

In order to prevent the COVID-19 outbreak from getting out of control, official Mexico city ordered the company to stop working. "All companies that refuse to suspend operations will be deprived of their licenses. The authorities will implement the closure, and state structures will investigate possible crimes that pose a danger to public health," said Deputy Health Minister of Mexico Hugo Lopez Ramirez.

However, the prospect of losing profits due to health problems among ordinary Mexicans does not seem to worry the American owners of factories located in Mexico. This country must take into account the needs of the United States at the moment or it will face the loss of jobs at these enterprises, US Ambassador to Mexico Christopher Lando transparently intimidated his partners.

"You won't have any employees left if you close all the companies and they move to another location. Of course, health is first, but I think it is short-sighted to assume that economic effects are not important," the US diplomat replied via Twitter. Meanwhile, assistant Secretary of state Michael Kozak confirmed to reporters that Washington is "working very closely with Mexico on behalf of American companies" in order to prevent disruption in supply chains.

The response to such shameless behavior of the United States was given by the Mexican Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard, who said that his country will be guided by its own interests "dictated by the decision of the President and the recommendations of the health sector."

Recall that the United States, Mexico, and Canada are part of the North American Free Trade Area (NAFTA). During the 25 years of existence of this Association, Mexico, primarily due to cheap labor, has become a "production site" for the supply of products, primarily to the US market.

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