Keanu Reeves is set to give a fifth installment to one of the best-known movie series of 2023

Keanu Reeves is set to give a fifth installment to one of the best-known movie series of 2023 ...

Culture News Keanu Reeves will be happy when he receives a fifth installment in 2023's blockbuster film series.

Published on 05/26/2023 at 21:04

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When you're a producer and have a successful franchise, it's difficult not to capitalize on it and maintain quality. The examples are numerous, and we are not going to list them here, but there is a franchise that is only getting better, and that is not declining.

John Wick: What has he learned from his time in the universe and beyond?

A film that imposed itself very quickly and very strongly at the box officebefore being eclipsed by the planetary cardboard created by Super Mario Bros. The film. We are talking here about John Wick Chapter 4, which will be released in cinemas on March 22.

The first installment, which was released in 2014, grossed $87.8 million, which was a fair sum for a new franchise with a budget. However, the sequels had to perform better, with a John Wick 2 that made 174 million dollars, and a third that made $328 million internationally.

Yes, John Wick will go beyond Chapter 4!

Joe Drake, the president of Lionsgate Film Productions, gave an investor call before discussing the next film in the franchise, Ballerina!

Joe Drake announces that a fifth John Wick is in the works alongside a game and other spin-offs, which is a half-surprise; on the other hand, the way of announcing it, that is to say through investor statements, is more surprising. The question of the return of Keanu Reeves is, at best, unknown.

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