We left with more questions than answers in the PlayStation Showcase

We left with more questions than answers in the PlayStation Showcase ...

The PlayStation Showcase of this week was a great show with a lot of new content and interesting games, but the problem is its very name, which has a lot of expectations that are difficult to sustain. From that perspective, the announcement of a PlayStation Showcase has made one think of who knows what fireworks, and the list of games that has been presented with an impossible profile.

Even rumors about PlayStation Studios that are practically "ready-made" but not shown — although they are all things that have yet to be demonstrated — only add to the confusion: what occurred during this PlayStation Showcase? What could have been arranged differently within the various State of Play, given the time it took to prepare?

The company's first-party production of Marvel's Spider-Man 2 might have been retained during Geoff Keighley's Summer Game Fest, but that's certainly not the company's tradition, as it usually does for its own dedicated events. Only one of the four games that were shown during the event was able to see some gameplay, according to PlayStation Studios.

The other three PlayStation Showcases, as well as most of the other games, have been well-known, considering that many controversies have already arisen in recent years, as well as the general lack of release dates or defined launch dates, making the rest of 2023 and 2024 a somewhat different story.

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