Facebook's dangers of profile multiplication!

Facebook's dangers of profile multiplication! ...

The most recent and which has already claimed many lives in Portugal is identity theft. In fact, friends and families in some cases have sent huge sums of money to the criminal. You can't be too careful with money theft on Facebook!

The danger of Facebook's profile multiplication!

This is an issue that is plaguing many users, and one has even happened recently with several members of Leak. Out of conscience, we examined the profile and we think everything is fine, because all the fields are filled in. We have no reason to be suspicious, and then we received a message that already makes everything more suspicious.

We are usually asked for a small sum, usually around 20 or 30 euros, in most cases. We tend to pass the money over because we didn't know the problem.

The problem is that when we meet the real person, we will realize that this profile was created by us, and that everything we gave or transferred was not only for that person.

This is a serious illness that requires little attention, and therefore should not be passed to anyone until it is explicitly stated that the person in question is correct. This way we will not have to lose money unnecessarily.

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