John Wick 5 is the fifth film to be released

John Wick 5 is the fifth film to be released ...

The project is apparently in a preliminary stage of development.

The fifth film in the John Wick series is being developed by Lionsgate Film Company's board of directors, Joe Drake.

According to Drake, there are currently five John Wick universe projects in the works. These include "Ballerina," "Continental," and two additional spin-offs.

The new part of 'John Wick', according to Drake's words, is in an early stage of development. The film's director did not reveal the details.

John Wick will be put on hiatus after the fourth film, according to director Chad Stahelski. However, Stahelski stated that this will not happen in the near future.

It is possible that the fifth film, based on John Wick's fourth ending, will feature a different character.

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