The Xokas attempts to resolve his feud with ElRubius, and he deserves my absolute respect

The Xokas attempts to resolve his feud with ElRubius, and he deserves my absolute respect ...

El Xokas has tried to clarify his disagreement with the Youtuber and declares that "he has my sincere respect".

El Xokas has been stunned by the fact that the vast majority of people recognized it until recently.

Galician, a streamer who as everyone knows knows his opinions, is well-known for giving birth to El Rubius, claiming that "the rabid has sold himself to television" and that "our campaign has been ruined."

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The purpose that streamers have on Twitch is nothing less than to provide an alternative to conventional television, in which they are able to offer their viewers content of their interest without the annoying commercial breaks on duty.

El Xokas, a streamer well-known as El Rubius, reacted an awful lot to his Twitch live streams.

On Twitch, the Xokas tries to settle his feud with El Rubius.

El Xokas re-opened Twitch immediately after seeing El Rubius on television and attempted to rectify what happened.

Despite his reaction, the content creator agrees with El Rubius' actions, and recalls that at his worst moments, he had nothing to reproach him.

“It’s a fact that I’ve discussed it with Rubius. He loves me a lot... We have a very good connection... He is a guy, moreover, whom I have always, always treated very nicely, because it is what he deserves.

I remind you that a month or two ago I was at the Wild Project and I talked about it with Jordi Wild, because Jordi is also related to Rubius. And I talked about it with him, who is probably one of the people I admire the most here on Twitch.

And a guy who has set his f*cking hand on fire for me at my worst, and that's something I've earned my thanks and eternal respect. I have said it many times, and this is unlikely to change over time.

What do you think of El Xokas' current relationship with El Rubius? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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