The West Coast Avengers set in Marvel Legends has been revealed

The West Coast Avengers set in Marvel Legends has been revealed ...

Hasbro has unveiled a new Marvel Legends 5-pack that includes comic representations of the West Coast Avengers. It will be an Amazon exclusive and retail for $124.99 this week.

$25 per figure is still excessive, but it's significantly lower than what we've seen this year, in 2022 (or even a few months ago).

Let's take a look at the various toys on the shelf and see if this one is worth putting on your toy shelf.

Julia Carpenter is a British superhero who plays Spider-Woman.

This is by far my favorite character from the set. I’m fine with my 2019 release, but at least this gives others a chance to get her.

Tigra is a Spanish term used to refer to Tigra.

I prefer the other version of the game more, although I'm probably in the minority.

Hank Pym is a well-known comedian.

If Hank Pym were not identified, we would not know him. It's not that Hasbro did an awful job or anything — the character just doesn't seem very special or distinctive when he's not dressed.

Customizers may have a field day with this one.

Iron Man

No matter how good the figure is, I am not a fan of this appearance.

Mocking Bird

Due to the knee joints and the horribly visible label on her right leg, I was already disappointed by the outcome: Todd Ortiz (aka Rektangular) pointed out how hard Hasbro sabotaged our genuine 1970s/80s Mocking Bird (language warning):

So yeah, it's not a terrible set, but it's not a great one either.

If you'd like to get a pair for yourself, there's currently a preorder available, with a launch expected this autumn.

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