Could a sequel to God of War Ragnarok be on the way?

Could a sequel to God of War Ragnarok be on the way? ...

On the website of Santa Monica Studio, a new job listing has been published, suggesting that a sequel to God of War Ragnarok is in the works.

Both God of War 2018 and its sequel, God of War Ragnarok, were developed by Santa Monica Studio, which is a subsidiary of Sony. It is no surprise they wanted to develop another title in the series.

Elden Ring was chosen Game of the Year in 2022, yet it was still one of the most popular releases of the year due to its engaging narrative, engaging gameplay, and compelling acting. Now an eagle-eyed fan has spotted a glimpse of the game's future.

Sequel to God of War Ragnarok?

According to a fresh job posting on the Santa Monica Studio website, the team is looking for a Senior Combat Designer (Companions). This would refer to the companions who travel alongside Kratos, the god of war.

When companions were able to unlock their own abilities and abilities in God of War Ragnarok, they could level up Kratos' son Atreus to help him gain strength in battle. Thus, one might assume this would be the primary task for the new recruit.

The successful Senior Combat Designer must have four years of development experience and be able to "drive features forward by representing them with confidence and knowledge."

God of War may be far from over.

One of the requirements for this list is "knowledge of God of War (2018) and God of War Ragnarök (2022." However, given the success of the previous two titles and fans clamoring for more, it would be surprising if this were not the case.

For the time being, it's up to you to decide what this job will be used for, but good luck towhoever gets it!

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