Review of Project Silence (Cannes 2023) Action Film With familiar faces

Review of Project Silence (Cannes 2023) Action Film With familiar faces ...

A predictable action film with familiar faces

Project Silence, a film by Kim Tae-gon, was offered a chance to premiere in the out of competition section at the Cannes Film Festival 2023. Legends included Lee Sun-kyun, Ju Ji-hoon, Park Ju-hyun, and child star Kim Su-an, among others.

Lee Sun-kyun, Deputy Director Jung-won, is a ruthless politician who only wants to help his superior, Chung, win the election for his own interests. His daughter, who is studying abroad after her mother's death, is followed by Park, who has a ruthless habit of following them to the airport.

Dr Yang leaves Seoul to dispose of his failed experiments. However, a strong fog surrounds the area, causing a pile-up. Our heroes believe they simply must wait for the fog to lift or for cops to arrive to rescue them. But they also know that time is of the essence.

mutated dogs, who have been trained to recognize a target by their voice and continue attacking until they are dead. To make matters worse, one of the dogs, Echo 9, is freed of her chip that controls her. Jung-won and the others try to escape.

The recurring themes in survivor films are the ones to keep an eye on, as is the case with Project Silence. We can't help but draw conclusions about Train To Busan just because a powerful father-daughter duo is once again shown here with the exact same child star. Kim Su-an, though, deserves her title as she is always a delight to watch despite mostly getting the sulky kid roles in Train to Busan, Poong The Joseon Psychiatrist, and

Ju Ji-hoon, who has recently risen to prominence as the stoic and heroic Crown Prince in Netflix's zombie show Kingdom, keeps things light and fun with his punchlines that tend to land occasionally. He becomes the comic relief in an otherwise dreary and predictable story.

Project Silence is a fun, simple film with a fast-paced narrative that keeps you screaming at your screen when you hear it. You may even like it for its action and thrill sequence, but no real substance.

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