Season 2 of All the Same or Not: Cast, Release Date, and More

Season 2 of All the Same or Not: Cast, Release Date, and More ...

All the Same... or Not is a comedy-drama series directed by Juliana Vonlanten that is inspired by Luly Trigo's Na porta ao lado.

The first season of the series was released on May 25, 2022, and received a fair response from critics and viewers. It has been rated 6.5/10 on IMDb, and considering that, the creators have already renewed it for another season, which is set to premiere soon.

What is the plot of the second season? Who would return to reprise the lead role? Continue reading for further information.

Plot and cast are the same... or not.

Season 2 of All the Same... or Not has yet to be revealed by the creators, but it is expected to continue as it began.

Carol, a 16-year-old girl, is going through a major phase in her life. On the one hand, Carol must deal with her mother's marriage to her new boyfriend, and the impending relationship with her future stepbrother. On the other hand, a new school year begins in high school, in which Carol begins her first real relationship with her long-time friends, which also put their friendship to the test.

Carol faces the challenges of growing up and experiences feelings that she has never felt in this form before. It's important to know yourself and respect your own feelings before you make one or two errors.

Gabriella Saraivah, Ana Jeckel, Duda Matte, Clara Buarque, Guilhermina Libanio, Guthierry Sotero, Ronald Sotto, Daniel Botelho, Kiko Pissolato, and Mia Mello should play lead roles.

Season 2's Release Date Is All the Same...Or Not

The first season of the show was broadcast in May 2022, and it was later renewed for another season. Season 2 should premiere sometime in 2023, according to the organizers.

The next season is expected to have ten episodes similar to Season 1, although this hasn't been confirmed yet. The series is produced by Cinefilm and distributed by Disney Platform Distribution.

Season 2 Trailer for All the Same... or Not

So far, the developers have not released a trailer for All the Same... or Not Season 2. If you want to see it now, please visit this link:

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