Dalfilo, an Italian home linen company, has arrived in Spain

Dalfilo, an Italian home linen company, has arrived in Spain ...

Forbes Italy has included Matteo Bertasa and Davide Trabucchico, the two original Dalfilo investors who are revolutionizing the world through their ideas.

In the retail and ecommerce category, the two partners were recognized for their accomplishments and the value they exhibited. Dalfilo is an innovative company that revolutionizes the home linen industry by bringing premium Italian and handmade goods to everyone.

«We are so honoured by this recognition, because it demonstrates that the work that was undertaken till now has produced tangible results, and that it has been recognized by an important international publication such as Forbes».

The significance of this achievement, as well as all those made so far, lies in its manufacturing excellence that makes it possible to maintain high quality standards in a sector in which too often it is preferable to transfer manufacturing abroad. Italy has enormous industrial wealth, expertise, and tradition, which are not to be dubbed as such globally.

Dalfilo's disruptive strategy involves the elimination of all intermediaries that result in an increase in costs on the final product, while garanting to the user a high quality product that will arrive directly from the store to his house.

Davide and Matteo, who were able to reactivate the artisans of Val Galdino (Bergamo), paralyzed by the absence of hotel orders, were able to raise one million euros in transactions in the first year, despite losing control of operations and logistics.

Dalfilo doubled its turnover in 2022, achieving a team of 50 talents.

Dalfilo wants to increase its presence in the Spanish market by selling 10,000 items in the first 12 months, mostly on the bedding segment, particularly the 300-thread-count satin.

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