Everything You Need to Know About Rebecca King-Crews and Their Marriage in Terry Crews' Wife

Everything You Need to Know About Rebecca King-Crews and Their Marriage in Terry Crews' Wife ...

  • Terry Crews is an NFL star-turned-actor and television host
  • Terry has been married to Rebecca King-Crews since 1989 and shares five children with her
  • The pair have been open about their struggles, such as Terry’s porn addiction

Terry Crews, 54, had experienced the rags-to-riches scenario: He was a broke college student before he made it to the NFL, and then he more or less ran out of money after his NFL retirement before he made it big in Hollywood, according to Entertainment Tonight. Now, he's hosting America's Got Talent and developing a new sitcom, but it wasn't always easy.

Terry's infidelity and porn addiction caused the couple's marriage to halt 32 years later, and Rebecca's was bought with cancer. Nonetheless, Terry and Rebecca have fought back, despite the odds.

What Happened to Terry and Rebecca?

According to Heavy, Terry was a football player at Western Michigan University in the 1980s, while Rebecca was studying music and theater. In 2018, Terry agreed, saying, "I had to earn it." The couple has been together ever since.

Terry and Rebecca said their "I do" on July 29, 1989. The couple's daughter Azriel was born less than a year after the nuptials, and Terry was signed into the NFL by the Los Angeles Rams the following year.

Rebecca is a designer.

Rebecca Crews was inspired to start her own apparel company when she struggled to find an all-white pantsuit on her website. "I scoured Los Angeles and Beverly Hills, and had to piece together an outfit from three different designers," she said.

"I was determined to make my own apparel," Rebecca recalls. "My designer friend requested six suits to my specifications that could be worn formal or informal." Her suits ended up being worn at some of Hollywood's major events, including the Golden Globes, the Night Before The Emmy's Party, and more. "I coyly replied, 'This is my collection.' And a dream was born."

Rebecca Crews LLC was founded by her parents in 1997 and has never looked back. Her collection now includes purses, shoes, accessories, and more.

Rebecca Prays for Her Followers and Shares Motivational Quotes

Rebecca's Instagram feed is packed with inspirational quotes and inspirational remarks. For instance, in her May 24, 2023 photo, she states, "Everything is never as difficult as you imagine."

"Today, I encourage you to face your fears head-on. Embrace your courage, step into the unknown, and watch your limitations shatter like dust," she said. "Believe that within every obstacle you will find the potential for greatness."

As seen above, she has several videos in which she prays to her followers.

Rebecca always desired a large family.

Naomi, Azriel, Tera, Wynfrey, and Isaiah are the proud parents of five children. The whole family was featured on the BET reality show The Family Crews, which ran for two seasons from 2010 to 2011.

Terry has absolutely loved having a large family. In fact, the host of America's Got Talent expressed his desire to have a sixth child via adoption in 2016. "It's weird. You're never ready." Rebecca said, "I'd see advertisements in magazines and I'd just stare at them like, 'I'll do that one day.' )

Terry and Rebecca have had a few rough patches.

Terry and Rebecca have had a difficult three decades together. Most notably Terry's infidelity. In 2010, Terry called Rebecca from New York City and admitted he had cheated on her. Rebecca confessed to having a porn addiction. In Terry's 2021 audio memoir Stronger Together, Rebecca said she believed Terry was cheated on her.

Rebecca threatened to leave Terry, but he promised to continue his studies and rehabilitation, and despite all odds, he and Rebecca remained together. Terry later showed his complete support for Rebecca when she was diagnosed with stage 1 breast cancer in 2020. She underwent a double mastectomy and reconstructive surgery, and Terry was there for her every step of the way.' Rebecca told PEOPLE.

Terry and Rebecca have emerged stronger than ever after going through various difficulties. They've acknowledged that they're in probably a better position together than ever before.

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