Kanye West has been sued by The Gap for $2 million

Kanye West has been sued by The Gap for $2 million ...

Kanye West has been sued by The Gap for $2 million.

Kanye West's former business partners at The Gap have filed a $2 million lawsuit against him. Court filings obtained by RadarOnline.com reveal the facts of the case filed by Art City Center against The Gap Inc. for contract violations.

The Gap, the commercial entity that owns the 6th Street building in Los Angeles, had signed a one-year deal beginning on April 1, 2021, and ending on March 31, 2022. The lease was then renewed in 2022.

According to the complaint against The Gap, a total of $104,666.67 in rent and an additional $8,333 in monthly parking fees were agreed upon. alterations to the structure were strictly prohibited.

The Gap made several unlawful modifications to the property, and these modifications have not been reversed, according to Art City Center.

Art City Center has a holding damage debt of $822,000 at a rate of $164,000. They have increased their damage demand to $1.5 million.

The Gap alleged that "supervening legal requirements" prevented it from fulfilling its lease in whole.

The Gap has filed a countersuit against Kanye West, alleging that the two companies collaborated on new apparel lines in June of 2020. According to the corporation, Kanye violated the lease by altering the building without permission.

Gap claims that $2 million in repair and restoration expenses were incurred as a direct result of Kanye's actions, and as a result, the company is demanding compensation from Kanye.

Kanye West's indiscretion thus far has left the outcome of the cases in jeopardy. Both parties' bank accounts will be affected by the case's verdict, which will also clarify their respective roles and consequences in their business dealings.

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