A man drives his car into the Downing Street entrance

A man drives his car into the Downing Street entrance ...

A man drives his automobile into the entrances to Downing Street in London.

A guy drove his car through a fence that blocked the entrance to Downing Street, the British Prime Minister's London residence and office.

A total of two charges have been filed against the individual.

According to a statement from the London Metropolitan Police, the vehicle apparently crashed into the Downing Street fence around 16:20 local time.

The white SUV crosses the street slowly in the direction of Downing Street, and then slowing even further as it approaches the entrance to the museum.

The suspect, a middle-aged Caucasian male wearing a colored t-shirt, was reportedly searched by authorities on television.

Hundreds of curious bystanders gathered behind the police cordon that had been constructed along Downing Street, but the situation appeared to be under control.

When the incident occurred, a large number of people were there, most notably government workers who had just completed their shifts.

Armed police guard the public from entering the restricted area around the Downing Street entrance and perform security checks on authorized visitors.

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