Recap and Conclusion of the Citadel Season 1 Finale

Recap and Conclusion of the Citadel Season 1 Finale ...

With its sixth episode, the 'Citadel' spy thriller series, which comes to an end, the stakes had never been higher for Mason and Nadia, who are on a mission that puts them on a different level than ever before. Here's what the ending implies for Citadel and its agents.

Recap of Citadel Episode 6

Nadia and Mason's daughter, Asha, has been kidnapped by Manticore, resulting in them having to do whatever is asked of them. Dahlia Archer wants Mason to discover the nuclear missile cores in a Russian submarine. Years ago, when he was sent on a mission to get the Citadel password, he made a few changes and installed a new one.

Mason has been agitated since Nadia left the grid, especially after breaking up with him, and he tries to persuade his superiors to tell him where Nadia is in Berlin. She tells him Nadia is in Berlin, but he refuses to accept it.

Who is the Mole at the Citadel Finale?

When Citadel was purchased by a Citadel agent, it became clear that this was a inside job. They were then murdered, and years later, Mason, who is now Kyle, reconnects with them while trying to get his past back. He trusts Bernard and Nadia, but then there's the question of the mole.

Dahlia Archer discovers all Citadel agents' secret identities, where they were operating, and what their missions were. This is when she discovers that Mason Kane gave her this information. This leads us to believe that Mason was the man who brought down Citadel.

What Was Mason's Reason for Putting His Faith Upon the Citadel?

Mason tells Nadia how he was born an orphan from a young age. His mother completely ignored him, to the point that he didn't meet her until years later. He had given his whole life to the job, but then he fell in love with Nadia, betrayed her by backing Celeste, and became interested in discovering where she went when she went AWOL.

Mason's parents were diplomats, and thirty years ago, they were stationed in Serbia, where a bomb blast claimed the life of his father. Then, his mother went completely disappeared, and it wasn't until years later that Mason became acquainted with her. His mother, Dahlia Archer, was already involved in American politics and worked for Manticore.

Mason and Dahlia stayed in touch throughout the years, but they never merged into a splinter. Dahlia encouraged Mason to contact Citadel and follows her lead. She follows Nadia down to Spain and Mason sends her daughter back to find her.

Dahlia tells Mason that Citadel isn't the all-good evil-fighter organization that he was taught to believe. They intended to bomb a terrorist cell's location, but they bombed an area packed with diplomats and others with incorrect information.

Dahlia takes it personally for Mason, declaring that his father died in a bomb explosion that took away his chance of a normal family life. Who would have known if Citadel could conceal one such bombing? Who knows what else?

Bernard shows Mason photographs of Nadia and their newborn daughter. Mason believes Nadia kept her daughter's information secret because she thought she didn't deserve it; he decides to keep it that way. Citadel would never be safe if she did, but Mason knew it as well.

Does Mason regain his memories?Does he remember?

Kyle Conroy tries to get his lost memories back when he receives the X case, which contains the vials that are supposed to restore the lost memories. However, when Bernard is gone and the vial is removed from the picture, Kyle cannot return his memories and truly know who he is as Mason Kane.

Carter, Mason, and Nadia return to the Citadel Headquarters in the final episode. Carter finds enough resources to retrieve Mason's lost vial and create a new one for him. We've seen him getting flashbacks since Kyle's wife was the Citadel agent he backstopped.

Abby asks him whether or not he remembers everything, to which he replies that he does not know. However, he is ashamed of what he has done and is unwilling to accept the consequences of his actions. Kyle, he fell in love with and has a daughter with her.

Mason is able to savor the relationships they have built in the previous eight years. He would like to understand how best to deal with the situation before coming to terms with the complex nature of his present and the betrayals of his past.

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