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Biden And Sanders Agreed On The Distribution Of Votes Of Delegates To The National Convention

Biden And Sanders Agreed On The Distribution Of Votes Of Delegates To The National Convention

Former Vice President Joseph Biden, who is seeking the Democratic nomination for the presidential election, reached an agreement with retiring Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders on the distribution of votes for delegates to the National Convention, according to the Associated Press.

The AP obtained a statement from Biden's campaign headquarters sent to the heads of local branches of the Democratic party in the American States. The document indicates that the two politicians came to an agreement under which Sanders will retain all the delegate votes assigned to him following the results of the primary elections and meetings of party activists.

AP notes that, according to the Charter of the Democratic party, a third of these votes should have been transferred to Biden after his opponent left the race. However, as the Agency points out, the politicians agreed to the agreement in order to prevent a split within the party between their supporters. Earlier, Sanders came out in support of the campaign Biden.

"This fall, we must defeat [incumbent US President] Donald Trump, and we are confident that this agreement will allow us to unite the [Democratic] party," the Agency quotes a joint statement of politicians. The Associated Press emphasizes that the struggle for delegate votes between Sanders and then US presidential candidate, former Secretary of state Hillary Clinton, was one of the reasons for Trump's victory in the 2016 election.

Biden remained the only contender for the Democratic presidential nomination after withdrawing from the Sanders campaign on April 8. The Democratic National Convention, where Biden is expected to be named as a candidate for the highest state office in the country, is scheduled for mid-August in Milwaukee (Wisconsin).

According to the New York Times, Biden has already secured the support of 1,406 delegates to the National Convention, while Sanders has 974. In order to become a presidential candidate, a candidate must win the support of 1,991 delegates in the first round of voting at the Convention. The 59th us presidential election is scheduled for November 3.

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