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The US Is Considering Imposing Sanctions Against China Over The Coronavirus

The US Is Considering Imposing Sanctions Against China Over The Coronavirus

The US administration is developing measures against China in connection with the concealment of information about a new coronavirus attributed to the authorities of this country, including the introduction of sanctions and the cancellation of American debt obligations, according to CNN.

According to his sources, employees of various American agencies are developing appropriate plans for the long term. "They include the possibility of imposing sanctions, canceling US debt obligations or introducing new rules in the field of trade," the journalist claimed on the TV channel.

As noted in the CNN publication, some US administration officials warn against too hasty actions. They focus on the fact that the US is now largely dependent on supplies from China of medical supplies needed in the light of the pandemic. "We need to ensure economic recovery again, so we need to act carefully," the article quotes an administration official as saying. "But we will find a way to show the Chinese that their actions are fully reprehensible."

CNN notes that the US Intelligence Services are now actively checking the version given in the US media, according to which the coronavirus allegedly could have started to spread from a laboratory in Wuhan.

US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo on Wednesday in an interview with Fox News expressed confidence that the Chinese authorities tried to hide some information about the spread of the coronavirus and will bear responsibility for it. He did not specify what measures Washington plans to take.

In turn, Chinese Deputy Foreign Minister Le Yucheng said in an interview with NBC that any compensation claims made to Beijing in connection with the coronavirus are ridiculous and represent a "political farce." The diplomat also expressed regret that "some politicians use the situation with the virus to defraud China." At the same time, he again stressed that Beijing "did not hide any information" about the coronavirus.

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