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Trump Is Ready To Consider Returning Flynn To Work In The US Administration

Trump Is Ready To Consider Returning Flynn To Work In The US Administration

Donald Trump said on Thursday that he was ready to consider returning to work in the Washington administration of his former national security aide, retired Lieutenant General Michael Flynn.

Reporters at the White House asked the American leader whether he intends to return Flynn to work in the Washington administration. "I would definitely consider it. I think he's a great person," Trump said.

"It looks like Michael Flynn will be acquitted. I am not a judge, I have other powers, " the head of the Washington administration added.

Earlier, Trump said that the new information in the Flynn court case fully justifies him. The responsibility for what happened to the former national security adviser, the President laid on the "dirty hands of police officers who were at the head of the FBI" in the United States. The President expressed confidence that now Flynn, who has not yet been sentenced, everything will go well.

New information about the Flynn case shows that the FBI actually framed him, initially acting against him for political reasons.

In February, Michael Flynn's lawyers asked the court to sentence their client to probation and community service. In early January, the prosecution asked for a prison sentence of up to six months. Sentencing was scheduled for February 27 and then was postponed indefinitely. In December 2017, Flynn made a deal with the investigation, agreeing to plead guilty to perjury to the FBI.

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