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Israeli Helicopters Fired Missiles At The South-Western Parts Of Syria

Israeli Helicopters Fired Missiles At The South-Western Parts Of Syria

Israeli air force helicopters attacked ground targets 40 km southwest of Damascus on Friday. As reported by Sana News Agency, rocket attacks were launched from the occupied Golan Heights on several positions of the Syrian army in the province of Quneitra.

According to him, only material damage was caused, there is no data on the dead.

As specified by the radio station sham FM broadcasting from Damascus, five missiles were fired at the Syrian territory.

April 27, the Israeli air force had attacked military targets on the outskirts of Sayyid Zeinab and Sahni in the South of Damascus. According to the Al-Hadath TV channel, four fighters from the Shiite Hezbollah party fighting on the side of the Syrian army were killed. The Israeli attack also killed three civilians in the villages of Hujeira and Adliya and injured four others, including a child.

According to a Syrian military source, missiles at ground targets were fired from the airspace of neighboring Lebanon, several of them were shot down by Syrian anti-aircraft gunners.

On April 20, the Israeli air force attacked military positions in the districts of al-Sukhna and al-Amiriya in the vicinity of the city of Palmyra in the Eastern province of HOMS. Then, according to Al-Hadath, nine Shiite fighters were killed. On March 31, Syrian air defenses repelled a rocket attack by Israeli aircraft on the Shayrat military airfield 38 km East of the city of HOMS.

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