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Trump Believes Biden Should Respond To Harassment Allegations

Trump Believes Biden Should Respond To Harassment Allegations

Former US Vice President Joseph Biden, who is seeking the Democratic nomination for the presidential election, must respond to allegations of harassment. This opinion was expressed on Thursday by US President Donald Trump.

"I think he should answer. These may be false charges, I know all about false charges. I don't know, I can't speak for Biden. I can only say that he should answer,f" the head of the Washington administration said, answering questions from reporters at the White house.

Earlier, former Biden aide Tara Reid accused the politician of sexual assault and filed a police report. As reported on April 11, the Internet portal Business Insider, Reid claims that in 1993, Biden, who at that time was a Senator, in one of the corridors of the US Congress building touched her without her permission. In March, Reid told reporters that she was allegedly sexually assaulted by Biden. Representatives of the former Vice President of the United States then noted that "the charges are baseless."

As reported by the New York Times, seven other women previously told reporters that some of Biden's actions, including compulsive kissing, hugging, and touching, made them feel uncomfortable. Some of them noted that they believe the version that Reid presented is plausible.

Biden remained the only contender for the Democratic presidential nomination after retiring on April 8 from the campaign of Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders. The US presidential election is scheduled for November 3.

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