Microsoft PC Manager 3.0: A Floating Panel for Quick Access to Windows Tools

Microsoft PC Manager 3.0: A Floating Panel for Quick Access to Windows Tools ...

The Microsoft PC Manager 3.0 Beta has added a floating widget bar for enhanced Windows maintenance and optimization tools. It allows you to clean up temporary files, free up RAM, and manage other functions of Windows 11 and Windows 10.

Microsoft China has released a significant upgrade to its system optimization and maintenance tool, Microsoft PC Manager 3.0 Beta, which allows users to have easy access to a huge array of built-in Windows tools, as well as a new floating desktop toolbar option for even more convenient access to its features.

The new desktop toolbar is available in Microsoft PC Manager's Toolbox section, where users may enable it and choose which programs to place for ease of use.

When enabled, the toolbar appears as a floating widget that stays on top of all other open windows for quick access. It includes shortcuts to the one-click Boost feature, which cleans temporary folders on the drive and attempts to free up RAM, as well as selected Windows tools (Scissors and Notepad) and Microsoft Edge's Quick Links feature, a drop-down menu of links that opens right in edge.

By selecting the "Settings" button and selecting "Add Tools," users may add additional web tools, such as the Bing translator and currency converter, as well as their own custom links that may be added to the toolbar.

Many Microsoft PC Manager options allow users to simply activate windows already used. Version 3.0 builds on previous 2.x releases that have added many new features to the application over the past year. Recently, version 2.9, released at the end of March, added a new Restore Default Apps feature as well as the ability to enable early access to current features.

Microsoft PC Manager is displayed as a pop-up window right above the taskbar notification area and categorizes its offerings into five sections: Home (Home), Protection (Protection), Storage (Storage), Apps (Applications) and Toolbox (Toolbox). Most of these features allow easy access to existing Windows system tools, from Storage Sense (under Storage) to running on-demand virus scans using Microsoft Defender Antivirus, which can be activated even if the user has switched to a different

The tool also includes several automated services, including one-click Boost and Health Check features, which allow quick cleanup of temporary folders and free up RAM, while Health Check looks around the system for additional potential improvements, including more redundant files to delete, startup applications to disable, and even malware infections.

The Microsoft PC Manager Beta is now available for download on PCs running Windows 11 and 10 (build 1809 or later).

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