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Pompeo: The US Considers Unusual The Prolonged Absence Of The Leader Of The DPRK In Public

Pompeo: The US Considers Unusual The Prolonged Absence Of The Leader Of The DPRK In Public

US authorities regard it unusual for North Korean leader Kim Jong-un to be absent from public events for more than two weeks, according to US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo [iheart radio station].

Speaking about Kim Jong-un, the head of the American foreign Ministry noted that the US did not receive information "about his appearance in public for a little more than two weeks." "This is not unheard of, but it is unusual," the US Secretary of state added. "We continue to monitor this closely. We are working to ensure that we are prepared for any situation in the end," Pompeo said.

"As made clear by the President [of the USA Donald] Trump, whatever happens, we have one goal, it is to implement the agreements reached in Singapore," Pompeo added. "This includes ensuring that the country does not have nuclear weapons and that the future is brighter for the North Koreans."

The North Korean leader has not appeared in public since April 11, when he held a meeting of the Politburo of the Central Committee of the Workers ' party of Korea on domestic policy issues. In particular, Kim Jong-un did not attend the annual session of the Supreme people's Assembly on April 12 and for the first time in the years of his rule did not participate in the ceremony at the Kymsusan Palace of the Sun, which was held on April 15 on the occasion of the 108th anniversary of the birth of Kim Il-Sung.

The absence of the country's leadership on the main national holiday has given rise to rumors about a possible illness of Kim Jong-un, which are currently not commented on by officials and media of the people's Republic and are not confirmed by sources in Pyongyang.

Later, CNN, citing a source in the US administration, made a statement that Washington is studying intelligence about the deterioration of the health of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un after allegedly undergoing surgery. Trump later said at a briefing that, according to his data, the media information is not true. South Korean authorities also said there was no data on Kim Jong-un's illness, and the Chinese Foreign Ministry questioned the source of the information CNN.

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