This poor creature is tormented by a Zelda Tears of the Kingdom player!

This poor creature is tormented by a Zelda Tears of the Kingdom player! ...

News from the Game A Zelda Tears of the Kingdom player uses his imagination to torturize this pooped creature!

Published on 05/16/2023 at 11:30

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Korogus is subjected to the cruelest ideas of Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom players.

Tears of the Kingdom is a game that allows you to make anything and everything... and, evidently, when players are given so much freedom, they become sadistic!

In Breath of the Wild, you were frustrated, and now you can get retaliation!

The Korogus have returned to Tears of the Kingdom. Many players, disappointed that their research in Breath of the Wild did not yield a very rewarding reward, decided to seek revenge. Indeed, the new Switch blockbuster allows great freedom, since you may customize an infinite number of machines and other objects.

The Korogus is wreaking havoc on the players.

The players' preferred method appears to be the crucifixion: Korogus being hung on crosses made by the players. Then they are dragged by horses or displayed for the general public.

In Tears of the Kingdom, how high will player builds go?

However, frustrating players can make them resentful!! This Zelda Zelda Zelda Zelda will allow you to create exceptional things.

Tears of the Kingdom is now available on Nintendo Switch.

The Kindgom Tears: A Proposal for The Legend of Zelda

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