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Trump Said That The Us Might Impose New Duties On Goods From China

Trump Said That The Us Might Impose New Duties On Goods From China

The US administration is potentially able to impose additional duties on goods from China due to the spread of a new coronavirus, and would not like to use a waiver of its debt obligations to Beijing in this regard. This was stated by US President Donald Trump, speaking to reporters at the White House on Thursday.

He was asked whether the US government can refuse to fulfill its debt obligations to the PRC "as punishment for the virus." "I can do it differently. I can achieve the same, but even for the sake of [getting] more money just by introducing duties. So I don't have to do this (i.e. give up part of the debt)," the US leader said in response.

He recalled that China is the holder of us debt obligations worth about $1 trillion. "This is about a trillion dollars, a little more, as far as I understand. But I think we can do it (take measures against China) in a more direct way," Trump said. He admitted that "if you start playing these games" and give up part of the debt, then this policy will not lead to anything good. "We must protect the dollar, protect the inviolability of the dollar, the importance of the dollar," the head of the US administration said. In his opinion, the US dollar is "the most important currency in world history."

Trump claimed, without going into detail, that the US has other options. "You say: "We owe you a certain amount of money, but we won't give it back." But when you start playing this game, you damage the stability and importance of the world's main currency. We can provide this through other methods. We can ensure this with the help of duties. We can provide this by other methods, without playing this game," the White House host said.

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