Sirius, the Witcher's codename, has been realigned and laid off

Sirius, the Witcher's codename, has been realigned and laid off ...

Phew, the Witcher: Codename Sirius, is a spin-off series that seems to have had a major impact. Layoffs will follow after a revamp of the project.

The Witcher: Codename Sirius' development has not gone smoothly. The Witcher offshoot, which is being developed by Molasses Flood's external studio, already had issues. Weeks ago, it was revealed that parent company CD Projekt RED was apparently dissatisfied with the concept and ordered the title back to the drawing board.

Both Technical Narrative Designer Robert Bailey and Environmental Artist Eleanor Falck announced their layoffs on Twitter.

The game's actual alignment is still incomplete. At first it was assumed that it was a spin-off that wanted to break new ground in the Witcher universe and should include both single-player and multiplayer content. It's now up to the players to decide what will happen with the project, which at least has not been put on hold.

CD Projekt RED is currently working on several The Witcher-themed projects. A new trilogy, which is being developed on the basis of Unreal Engine 5, is also in the works, but everything is still in the early stages of development and development, so it may be a long time before anything concrete is released.

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