The number of lithium battery fires on planes is increasing dramatically

The number of lithium battery fires on planes is increasing dramatically ...

When flying at 35,000 feet in the air, lithium battery fires are on the rise.

The number of lithium battery fires has increased by 42 percent in the last five years, and now there is an average of a hazard incident once every week in the United States. One of the reasons? Too many devices on board – and mostly unregulated devices.

According to a CBS article, here's what you should know.

On the March 1 Spirit Airlines flight between Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas, and Orlando, Florida, Lee rushed to put out a sparking fire that had started in a lithium battery contained in an electronic device that had been placed in the overhead bin. With the help of other flight attendants and passengers, Lee extinguished the fire with a fire extinguisher.

How serious are lithium battery fires? As we previously mentioned, they are quite serious. Just look at what happened with eScooters in New York, where the number of fires is increasing every year, and how authorities are battling to contain the epidemic of deadly fires caused by seemingly harmless gadgets.

Even underwater, lithium battery fires can occur and are a tough to extinguish even in normal conditions.

"The team demonstrated to CBS News how batteries, as designed, provide their own oxygen when they burn, and how the characteristics of the batteries can enhance the device's volatility," according to a demonstration.

In a CBS article, it is stated that authorities are planning to improve screening in order to prevent situations like this. Be extremely cautious about what devices you're traveling with, and never, ever use a gadget with a damaged or bloated battery.

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