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The US Army Announced The Weapons Tests Despite The Pandemic

The US Army Announced The Weapons Tests Despite The Pandemic

The US is going to continue to conduct weapons tests, despite the spread of coronavirus infection in the world. This was stated by the chief of staff of the US Army, General James McConville, during a teleconference organized on Thursday by the Washington Brookings Institution.

"We are still conducting very successful tests of hypersonic [weapons], we intend to conduct other tests," he said, answering a question about the impact of the pandemic on the fulfillment of orders from the military industry.

The General noted that, despite the pandemic, the renewal of the US military industry continues. "We see that the modernization continues. We talk with the test pilots, representatives of the industry," said McConville.

As the US Secretary of the Army, Ryan McCarthy, noted during this conference, the issue of ensuring further supplies of industrial products is of primary concern. "We are limited in our ability to return workers [at US enterprises abroad] to production. This is a matter of strategic industry, " he said. "We must decide how to find resources in the future. We Intend to contact the state Department to get employees back to work."

"Supply issues will remain a challenge for us for months to come," McCarthy said.

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