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British Prime Minister Boris Johnson Has Become A Father For The Sixth Time

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson Has Become A Father For The Sixth Time

The Prime Minister today can be firmly called a father of many children: he has four children from a previous marriage with a famous lawyer Marina Wheeler and one child from his former girlfriend, art critic Helen McIntyre. This makes Johnson the fourth British Prime Minister to have a child while in Downing Street, and the first head of government in 250 years to marry while in power.

Johnson does not like to expand on the topic of his family life, saying that these things are the least interesting to the voter. Asked recently how many children he has and whether he is involved in their upbringing, Johnson said: "I don't think people want to hear about it. The people want to hear how we are going to deliver Brexit."

The birth of the sixth child falls on a severe period of coronavirus. The Prime Minister has just returned to work after a dramatic month of fighting the infection. The Prime Minister's fiancee, 32-year-old Carrie Simonds, admitted that she was worried throughout the "black days" while Johnson was fighting the coronavirus in the intensive care unit. Carrie herself was diagnosed with a coronavirus at the last stage of pregnancy, but she suffered her infection without serious consequences.

By the way, in the past 170 years, the 55-year-old Johnson becomes the fourth Prime Minister of the United Kingdom to have a child while serving as head of government. Tony Blair, David Cameron, and Lord John Russell also received their newborns at the residence at 10 Downing Street.

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