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Another banner quarter as Chromebook shipments increase

Another banner quarter as Chromebook shipments increase

The growth of Chromebooks was up to 12 million units last quarter. A 75% year-over-year growth is still very respectable, with the category hitting 11.9 million shipments, according to the latest figures from research firm, Canalys. The PC market got a boost from the swine flu.

Standard tablets and PCs saw healthy increases as consumers scrambled to create work from home, while Google's OS got an even bigger rise as schools implemented remote learning There are a number of schools that have reopened more than a year into the Pandemic. The success of the operating system will allow it to extend its reach beyond its educational foothold. The company is eyeing the enterprise segment, which may be welcoming of systems that are easy to deploy and lock down.

Canalys' Brian Lynch said in a statement that "With Chrome's hold over the education space relatively secure, Google is set to bet big on the commercial segment this year." We expect to see a strong focus on attracting small businesses with updated services, such as the new individual subscription tier for Google Workspace and promotions on CloudReady licenses to repurpose old PCs for deployment alongside existing Chromebooks fleets. Apple is making a big play for business after the launch of multiple M1 based systems.

There is a new Apple at Work site. Whether your organization has 10 devices or 10,000, Apple fits easily into your existing infrastructure, the company writes in its new IT efforts. IT can tailor the setup process to any team with zero touch deployment.

Every Apple device is ready to go from the beginning. With Windows 11 arriving later this year, Microsoft will be making its own case to maintain dominance over the office. Eurie Kim and Oura's Harpreet Rai discuss their bets on consumer hardware.

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