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Porter wants to become a go-to platform for managing cloud-based apps

Porter wants to become a go-to platform for managing cloud-based apps

By the time the Porter co-founders decided to build a company around DevOps, they were well versed in doing remote development on Kubernetes. Like other users, they were burnt out by the technology. They realized that for all of the benefits, the technology was there, but users were having to manage the complexity of hosting solutions as well as incurring the costs associated with a big DevOps team.

They found other startup companies trying to do the same thing after they built a solution outside. Porter received seed funding from Venrock, Translink Capital and several angel investors. Its goal is to build a platform that any team can use to manage applications in its own cloud, delivering the full flexibility of Kubernetes through a Heroku-like experience.

What is the reason for Heroku? Developers are used to using the hosting platform for larger companies and later-stage companies. Porter will be the bridge when they want to move to Amazon Web Services.

The pair said companies think the platform is getting outdated because it is standing still technology-wise. The platform has technical limitations that cause companies to leave it each year. Porter is betting that it won't be charging users for hosting and that it will be a pure software as a service product.

Porter will provide the automation and users can pay with their AWS and GCP credits, which gives them flexibility, but they aren't looking to be resellers so they can use their own cloud. The zinger we talk about is if Heroku was built in 2021, it would have been built on the Kubernetes platform. He said they see themselves as a successor.

To become that bridge, the company will use the new funding to increase its engineering bandwidth with the goal of becoming the de facto standard for all startups. The person said, "Shim said." In six months, Porter's platform became the sixth-fastest growing open-source platform download on the internet.

He met the company through YC and was very impressed with their vision. Heroku has 100,000 developers, but I think it has stopped growing. Porter has 100 startup on it.

The growth they have seen is what you want to see at this point. At the same time, more developers are wanting to build out an app over a week and scale it to millions of users, but that takes people resources. It can turn everyone into an expert developer without them knowing it.

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