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The Gillmor Gang are social climbers

The Gillmor Gang are social climbers

Pandemic politics and a vicious variant are back with a vengeance. We could cut the damage if enough people took the shots. Progress has been made on the twin issues of Trump and social media.

There is at least some semblance of balanced rationality in the public discourse. The former president has done a lot of damage already. Joe Biden is wrestling Congress into some degree of productivity.

As the Gang talks about this and the next episode, it seems like there will be a bipartisan infrastructure bill. Democrats hold the budget reconciliation process as a hole card to prompt a semi-partisan bill across the two parties, even though Republicans can still shut the whole thing down. The Biden strategy is to force the right to accommodate some center victory in order to prevent a significant cave in by Joe Manchin.

If Congress puts its foot down on voting rights or attempts to destroy them, this may have some value. Something similar is happening on the social side. Congress is trying to force an antitrust position on both Facebook and Twitter.

With the courts giving Facebook a little running room on the operational description of what a monopoly is, Twitter reported strong numbers that beat the Street and make Jack Dorsey's feint toward bitcoin and the creator economy easier to swallow when the smoke clears. As Congress tries to force Facebook to grow up, the newsletterization of media gives social media some street cred. Section 530 carve out is possible if an MGM deal is blocked here.

There is a big fight over the shape of work and lifestyle negotiations. Vaccination reluctance is a five alarm fire, but it may well be fought over the intersection of climate change and the speed of recovery led by the digital economy. I don't believe that it's a coincidence that back to work and a manageable ecology are related.

Silicon Valley can talk all it wants about inventing the future, but desperate consumers are looking for real answers from tech leaders who understand the future to come in a constantly unstable weather crisis that turns a burning West Coast into a choking rest of the country There are vaccine mandates that can be used to predict what will happen in the future. In a country under constant threat of a constitutional crisis over voter fraud, the federal response may be constrained but not the rules at the workforce level. There are serious issues of privacy and human rights, but in the short term the moves toward practical mandates will be swift at the state and company level and supported by healthy polling.

Do you think some version of work will be tied to double vaccinations? As a choice, it seems like a popular way of reducing the crisis from the current 35% to something approaching a too-high but winter ready time frame of 15% where hospitals and state economies need help, red or blue. If an even more egregious variant emerges, those numbers may become the difference between a crisis and an economy-crushing lockdown.

This is where both social and safety meet. Are we going to look for help from the creator economy to circumvent the mainstream media stuck in their controversial business model, or are we going to look for a scientific approach to breaking the back of this turgid political cycle? Newsletter-framed social media courage, along with stakeholder-awareness ethical values and economic leverage, can be seen in the outline.

The path for the competitors is not obvious. An internal instant messaging layer was added to the mobile app after it came out of an invite-only alpha. There is a big problem with the high valuation of the startup because of the live streaming feature.

Michael Markman said that he has largely lost interest in Clubhouse. I am no longer interested in this point. Sometimes I find myself in rooms where I am learning something or getting a point of view that has not occurred to me.

Usually, I was listening to conversations that didn't lead anywhere. It would be done by that. The refusal to allow recording in theUI is the bigger problem.

It won't do it, Facebook is a winner-take-all newsletter subscriber model, and it already has recording enabled on its podcasting tool. The problem with building one app is that it is only an audio product. So what should we do?

Adding video multi- platform streaming like ReStream to the hybrid social audio/podcast/recorder/newsletter will give us something. There is a holdup. No recording began as a nod to privacy.

The goal was to create a quality of discovery and credibility. The fourth wall of the theater is where characters step out of their circumstances to talk to the audience. It's exhilarating to experience a hybrid between writing and improvisation, which is largely an illusion.

The value of illusions is not less because they elegantly exceed their apparent boundaries. We were told by the club that we had lost our way in both science and truth. The creator economy is all hat and not enough cowboy according to the decay of the Clubhouse model.

It's another way to accelerate the few getting most of everything with everybody else getting scraps. You are going to hear a lot of stories about all the people who make it big, but they are not going to be the only ones who try to do it. You can give a lot of attention.

The people who know how to use this stuff and put a nice process together and find a way to really create a well oiled process machine, have a chance of being in that top tier of creators that get most of the money. It is just a continuation of what we have always had, so everybody else is going to be trying and spinning their wheels. Recording and a calendar page will bring a vote to the floor.

Is this a social version of Nicolle Wallace on MSNBC, a system of record for issues that matter in the anywhere, creator, and thought leader economies? Markman is trying to hedge against the tendency of social media to add to the problems rather than alleviate them. Recording is a time shifting tool that can be used for user control as well as a driver for calendar annotations.

It could be labeled another do-nothing congress if it were not recorded. Live on Friday, July 16, 2021. The Gillmor Gang Newsletter was produced and directed by Tina Chase Gillmor.

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