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Outvio is a white label shipping startup

Outvio is a white label shipping startup

Outvio, a startup that provides a white-label fulfillment solution for medium-sized and large online retailers in Spain and Estonia, has closed a $3 million early-stage financing round. TMT Investments, Fresco Capital, and Lemonade Stand all participated. James Berdigans and Kristjan Vilosius are two angels that joined the round.

The startup has been bootstrapping since the beginning of the year. To create in-house shipping solutions, online retailers usually have to use a number of different tools or hire expensive developers. It competes with ShippyPro, which runs out of Italy, and has raised $5 million to date.

"We can give any online store all the tools needed to offer a superior post-sale customer experience." said Juan Borras, co-founder and CEO of Outvio. For large merchants, we can integrate at different points in their fulfilment process, and we can save them hundreds of thousands in development costs alone. Most shops don't realize what happens after a purchase.

More than 85% of consumers say it is important for retailers to communicate every stage of delivery. If there are problems, not doing so results in losing the client. Our mission is to help online stores streamline everything that happens after the sale, fueling repeat business and brand-loyal customers with the help of a fantastic post purchase experience.

While online retailing has a long way to go, the expectations of consumers are increasing when it comes to delivery time and standards The online shop operators increasingly look for more advanced solutions with consumer-like user experience. Outvio has done a great job of finding product-market fit with their modern fulfilment platform because they have understood what the gap in the market is.

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