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Pavel Durov's Blockchain Platform TON Will Soon Obtain Its Operating System, TON OS

Pavel Durov's Blockchain Platform TON Will Soon Obtain Its Operating System, TON OS

TON OS, an operating system for the TON blockchain platform, will appear in the Play Market and AppStore soon.

Earlier, the TON Labs website announced that TON OS "an end-to-end open-source infrastructure that will allow developers and users to work with the TON blockchain" will be launched this spring. Applications for installing the operating system have already been developed and will soon be available for mass use on smartphones and laptops, the source explained.

TON OS is not an alternative to existing operating systems, it will be an add-on for devices to support applications on the blockchain, he says. "No one bought the first PCs either, because they had two programs at best. We are in the blockchain now at about the moment when the first programs for computers appeared before the era of DOS operating systems, " the source of RBC noted. According to him, until now TON OS has been available for blockchain developers, now it has added a user interface, and in the future, it will be intended for any users.

What is TON?

Telegram Open Network (TON) is a blockchain platform that the Telegram messenger team is working on, led by its founder Pavel Durov. In early 2018, telegram structures attracted $1.7 billion in investment to create the platform. It was planned to launch before the end of October 2019, along with the Gram cryptocurrency, which will be used to confirm transactions on the platform. But a few days before the launch, a court in the US imposed a ban on the release of Gram at the request of the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Investors agreed to postpone the deadline for the launch of the blockchain platform to April 30, 2020, but the court hearings in the case are continuing, and the ban will not be lifted by that day.

Company TON Labs is helping Telegram in developing blockchain platform TON.

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